Fire Damage

Fire damage can be a traumatic experience, not just because of the physical damage to your property, but also the emotional toll it can take on you and your family. Zimax Restoration understands the stress and trauma caused by fire damage and is committed to restoring your property to its normal condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our team of certified technicians are trained in the latest technology and techniques for fire damage restoration, including thermal imaging cameras, ozone generators, and high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA). We also work closely with your insurance adjuster to ensure that all aspects of the work are carried out to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

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    The fire damage restoration process generally involves the following steps:

    • Inspection and assessment of the damage
    • Board-up and tarping services to secure the property
    • Smoke and soot removal
    • Cleaning and sanitizing of the affected area
    • Repair and restoration of the affected area
    • Professional deodorization to remove any lingering odors

    It’s important to choose an experienced and qualified fire damage specialist, as inadequate repairs can lead to further damage down the road. Zimax Restoration uses the latest technology and certified technicians to quickly and efficiently mitigate fire damage and prevent secondary damage such as mold, wood dry rot, and structural damage.

    Remember, a building won't restore on its own, so it is important to act quickly and hire a professional to perform fire damage restoration.

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